A girl called me implicitly "incel" today

incel mean involuntary celibate, meaning you have a hard time getting laid no matter how hard you try

obviously now it is associated with bitter angry , entitled virgins, but that's not nessicarily what she meant...

"weird or creepy" (whatever the fuck that means),

it means you're socially uncalibrated...

"You are not how you presented yourself online, namely you're shy and not as confident? PROBABLY AN INCEL!"

nothing wrong with that assumption... also Op is certain she was implying he was an incel, might not even been the case, so her saying " the internet has made it easier for incels/ creepy dudes to talk to girls" is a factual statement, whether she was talking about OP or not

Thats not how it works, thats just super shitty behavior.

actually, it is how that works...have you never actually met or interacted with a real woman??? same thing goes for a "shit test", you obviously don't know anything about seduction, sociology or even how humans interact

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