Has a girl ever reacted poorly to you rejecting her? If so, what happened?

I am a musician. I was hired to fill in on bass for a mostly female band for a female songwriter showcase. The girl bartending the event tried to make small talk by saying how much she liked the band I was playing with. After a little back and forth she asked if I would text her when we had future shows. I said “You can just check the Facebook page for that.” In my younger days that might have come across as oblivious, but I’m getting married soon so it was an obvious rejection on my part. She then said “Oh but since you’re just filling in, I want to know when you’ll be there.” With a flirty face to match. It was flattering, but again I wasn’t interested so I said “Oh I’m sorry but I’m actually engaged, but thank you.”

Then she just turned away and started talking to her friend, and I thought it was over. I came back to the bar for another drink later in there evening, and this girl straight up ignored me. Wouldn’t serve me. I called out to her, pounded my fist on the bar, nothing. Had to get the drummer for the band to go get me a drink from her. Like, girl, I’m not trying to be rude, I really am engaged. Really immature of her, but probably not as bad as some others here.

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