Girl Gamers, what are your creepiest/weirdest experiences with Guy Gamers?

I've been playing Counter Strike for years with an online friend - let's call him Eric. Eric and I played all day long every week, not only Counter Strike. We played WoW, Left 4 Dead etc. All kind of games! He introduced me to his longtime online friend Josh. We got to know each other and until then we all played together, as some kind of gamer-trio.

I've been running a tumblr blog at this time, posting average teenage shit (I was around 16 at this time) and somehow he found my username and started secretly watching my posts from time to time. Some of my posts were those "relatable things": EXAMPLE

On one day, for an unknown reason, Eric tried to get into my E-Mail account – knowing that I sometimes sent selfies shot with my phone to my computer that way, because I'm too lazy to use the connection cable – and used the silliest combination ever: YYYY.MM.DDeffy-is-stoned. Yep, it worked. I regret that I've ever used such a dumb password, but I was a damn teenager and thought the internet is a save place and no one would ever try this – wrong. So, I forgot to delete the latest selfies and he saw them in my sent folder.

I don't know why, but he came up with a great idea: giving Josh the password, so he can take a look himself. He, as the creep he secretly was, saved them all and confronted me with my overly cute face. I, shocked as fuck, screamed at him on Teamspeak calling him a jerk and stalker etc. I ignored him for a year right after having a deep conversation with Eric about it and telling him that I will stop having contact with him aswell if he ever even think about doing such things again.

Josh cried about me at Eric, telling him how unfair I am, because I'm only ignoring him. I forgot to mention that he uploaded these pictures on 4chan. Yes they were nothing special, but fuck this. He is NOT allowed to upload any picture of me without my permission. Eric told me about this and gave me the link.

Josh regulary called me on my phone and sent me texts how sad his life is without me. He said sorry hundreds of times, but I didn't give a single fuck. He crossed a line and that wasn't even the top of the mountain.

After a few month he started sending me mails with content of my old tumblr posts complaining about my "ignorance", that we would be a perfect couple because he's fitting in every post. His SUPER LONG mails were creepy as hell and that shouldn't be the worst.

He somehow got to know my adress and sent me a huge parcel on christmas with a ton of treats for my dog and a perfume for me. He also put a card in it saying how sorry he is and that he truly loves me and wants me to stop ignoring him. He reached his goal and I stopped ignoring him... for about 5 minutes. I was in fear that he would randomly visist me and do what ever his sick mind wants him to do, so I gave my best to show him that I DON'T want contact with him.

I recorded a video where he could see all of his gifts burning down. The last words I wrote to him were "I will never ever talk to you again, you're a disgusting creep".

This happend years ago and I'm much more cautious on the internet now. The whole incident totally freaked me out. I told my parents about it and everything was fine. I stopped having contact with both of them.

TL;DR Longtime online friend of an online friend started having a crush on me, did several shitty and stalky things. Lastly, he sent me a parcel with gift for me and my dog on christmas. As an answer I sent him a msg burning down his gifts and telling him that I don't want contact with him. Finally, he stopped stalking me.

AND Excuse my bad english,please. I'm not a native speaker.

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