Girl group Momoland's company is accused of Sajaegi.

Someone definitely does't like me translating the news on this matter. Fine. This will be my last one for this Momoland issue.

Rough translation:

With Momoland being accused of Sajaegi after their recent spike in sales, the company has explained that it was "due to the order from Japan and increase in sales in Korean market." The company told News1 that "Momoland has released a License Album in Japan and made more sales in Korea as well. In the case of Korean market, we only printed and distributed a small number of albums in the first place, so we distributed more albums. For the sales in Japan, we will receive receipt/ sales certificate and make it available."

Doublekick keeps changing words. Sales in Korea will count towards Hanteo and Gaon chart, but License album that will be released in Japan should only be counted in Japanese chart, not on Hanteo and Gaon.

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