Girl on facebook vehemently denying that being overweight and pregnant leads to any increased health risks.

Being obese and pregnant FUCKING SUCKS SOOOO BAD. I'm saying this as someone who was obese with one pregnancy and healthy with another. I managed to, magically, escape a lot of the bad stuff. Diabetes and the like. I ended up having an emergency c-section. Not sure if that was because of my weight, though, because I had a lot of weird problems even when I was fit. I'm definitely one of those women who would've died without modern medicine on my side.

Anyhoo. Yeah, pregnancy while being obese is fucking awful. Like, I was already fat, add some edema to that and my skin was almost splitting. I have horrific stretch marks. From "eating for two" and wicked fluid retention. I was always tired. It hurt to move sometimes. Forget about sex. Side note: I know I'm biased because of my experiences, but fat sex is kinda shitty. My husband was always fit and, bless him, was always willing to fuck me no matter what size I was. I was so big that, after my c-section, the nurses complained that it hurt to move me. Also, trying to heal while having a fupa hanging over the incision was the worst. I can't even describe the feeling. It's a wonder that I didn't get an infection. Thankfully, my daughter is very healthy and awesome. And actually underweight, if you can believe it.

I got my shit together before I conceived my second and although I had to have another c-section, the healing process was so much easier. I was up and moving well the day after I had him. I couldn't even stand up two days after my first. I needed painkillers for a month after my daughter was born. I was off them in less than a week after my son.

I know I'm just speaking from my very personal experience. It just makes me mad that people don't think it's a big deal. It was horrible and I didn't even have to deal with how bad it could be.

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