Girl only organizations that exist to “help support young girls” are stupid. At a young age, a young girl isn’t going to be receiving a dramatically different experience than boy might, outside of some curricular activities.

Young girls are sexualised from the moment they're born almost. It's the feeling of being told not to trust men. Not to trust your own family. Not your uncle not your dad not your grandad not your cousin's. Cover up. Wear what's appropriate when you don't even know what appropriate means. Don't say the wrong thing in case someone takes it the wrong way and they thing you owe them sex. Don't speak up to loud or have opinions or your a bitch. Don't be quiet or your boring. I don't remember a moment until I was I think 14 that I was recognised as a person that just wanted to learn like everyone else when someone asked me what I wanted to do at school and what subjects I wanted to take and whether I was considering university and that was by a girls STEM subject campaign thing. They helped me get in to computing and English lit. I am only ever valued for my looks and body even now when I have a full education and I love reading and I love art. I'm always indebted to everyone sexually. No one has ever stopped if I said I'm not feeling like it or said no or I'm tired. No one cares about what I have to say or what I've learnt.

I know things like this happen to so so so many boys to. I am SO aware that this is not just a thing girls go through and that these problems are subjective. But that is why I like those campaigns. I think it's dumb as shit that they're exclusive to girls sometimes but when you're always told like legitimately everyday that a guy could do something better or its your fault and it's just guys bein' dudes etc it's a damn relief to have anyone listen and be actively fighting to put u in a position where u can get that education and that motivation in the first place.

Those campaigns that are marketed towards girls because a lot of people are frightened to speak out about stuff and ask for help in education with people that dismiss them so much. Yes it's dumb to have it exclusively for girls but I will never wish them away only hope that they improve.

Sorry this is so long I hope u read all of it :)

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