A girl sat on my boyfriend’s lap and he didn’t tell her to get off, broke our boundaries. In an LDR, how do we deal with this? (20M 20F) we wrote this post together.

Hi! I don’t think it has much relevance but I knew his ex and him and his friends talked about her a lot, especially stuff to do with her attractiveness and also sex? He also used to joke a bit about screwing my friends because they were “hot property” within our friend groups, which hurt me because he started these jokes after we had a conversation about how I felt second best to them because of how gorgeous/funny/smart they were. There was also a small thing where he kissed his best friend on the forehead and then didn’t tell me until 8ish months later when we were talking about whether that’s okay? This is all stuff we’ve worked through and I’m totally fine with now but it’s generally the reason I think I like having clear boundaries

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