Girl starts a fight and attacks a guy in class, gets destroyed.

Maybe, just maybe, he lashed out for all the times she abused him before . Maybe, he lashed out because people resorted to filming what was usually just private, and he knew, the video of him getting abused b the bitch

Maybe, just maybe, he knew if he socked her in private, he would be taken to the police, thrown off the school, and stripped of all rights, just because she is female and he is male, and you allways believe the female. So, the only time he could retaliate was when it was so fucking in the public eye it would not just be her word against his, or her cliques word against his, it would be the word of the entire people watching against him, plus a video, plus the girls own words because in her mind, what she did to him was completely justified, and because he justified himself and dared to lay hands on her he should be punished.

Was it unwise? Maybe.

Was it mybe a tad bit excessive? Maybe.

But was it justified? In a similie, imagine a cute fuzzy animal, that gets pelted with a small rock. Plink, plink... Such a small rock barely hurts you, and we all know the rock thrower "has serious mental problems", so we shouldn't be too hard on the abuser, and just polictely ask the abuser to stop. But the abuser doesn't. But if you then have the rock thrower demand the animal be friendly and cuddly to him, think again. You can only push an animal that far, untill it snaps, and tries its best to maul you. And you understand the animal. You go, I know, this was not enough, but this was for all the times not on camera that you did worse to me.

But you do not have the same basic compassion for the victim here because... he proved to be stronger? he accidentially won? he happened to be male?

Fuck, that bully deserved the beating she got, when she lay down on the floor, and the fists rained down on her. I hope her face is bruised for a longer time, because I have a feeling that the bully needs a reminder of what happens when you think "hitting people is fun and ok because they are not allowed to hit back"


Don't hit people iof you don't want them to hit back.

If you failed to do so, don't whine about if you got your ass handed to you.

And just as a nice reminder: Get that bully bitch some mental help, because she clearly has some anger issues.

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