This girl, who consistently makes "baby tries" videos, and other videos similar to this...

Can you please not use curse words (such as ni**a)? There are children in this website. You leftist and liberal users should, of all people, understand that some of your fellow users, children, should not be exposed to bad words at such a tender age, as it may trigger them to pursue bad thoughts and actions. CAN i speak to someone about bad language please? i am constantly surprised and disappointed by the way that members of this group use SWEAR WORDS, BAD LANGUAGE, and capslock (which means shouting on the internet). I would really like to have a nice time in this subreddit (i get contents for my other group which is about a book club) and i DON'T UNDERSTAND why it is that unintelligent people use

  • rude Jokes about sexual intercourse, (anal) etc.

    • and like i already said??? SWEARING.

So I want to speak to a moderator please MESSAGE ME tonight but NOT TOMORROW MORNING i will be organising some bakery for my hepatitis friends and me.


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