Girlfriend (23) is going on a trip to visit her guy friend in another state and tells me last minute that she’s staying with him at his one bedroom apartment and that he does not have a couch so she plans on sharing his bed.

He likes her, he was made when she started dating you and he wants to sleep in a bed with her?

Unless you like hotwifing or something; I'd tell her how you really feel and apologize for downplaying how you felt the first time. There is a difference between controlling (which is ordering her how to act/deny her agency) and making clear where your boundaries are (where you make your needs clear and you make the choice to leave if they are not respected).

This guy is bad news, if she goes then you should probably leave. If she can't see how this guy is poison for your relationship (or doesn't care), then you don't want her around. Its only going to hurt more when you are constantly doubting her because she is undermining your sense of trust like this.

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