Girlfriend (29F) of 3 years broke up with me (30M), because I got jealous at a party.

Here's a situation i was in:

I hosted a party. There were 50+ people there including my new girlfriend who id been hanging with every day. I spent my time talking to people I hadn't seen in a while. Someone grabs me and tells me my girlfriend is crying in the bedroom, so I go and check on her (this pulls me away from the fun). Turns out she's jealous I'm talking to people that aren't her. I console her and tell her all good, come mingle, I do need to talk to these people.

She spends the rest of the night either staring daggers at people I'm talking to, or running off crying and getting people around her to console her.

I understand she's upset and I owe her some attention but at this point we're not having a normal party anymore, were babysitting this girl.

I try to calm her down a few times and redirect, but she's determined to be upset and cause a scene. The end of the night ends with her yelling and sobbing while I'm trying to sleep.

Maybe it seems cold but good lord that's so annoying. You can make it through a 6 hour party without my undivided attention. There are tens of people here trying to socialise and unwind. Not everything is about our relationship.

I broke up with her because basically... Super annoying and ruining my fun.

It's not flirting to have your shoes off.its ok to talk to other people. If you did this stuff to me I'd think you were kind of pathetic and would have no interest in you anymore.

If you're gonna come here asking for advice, listen to it. You're clearly in the wrong here. Have some chill

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