girlfriend got physical with me

I got into a relationship with a girl I fell head over heals for very quickly. I’m 100% accountable for ignoring red flags and after about 6 months of counseling after come to find out the stuff I ran into was called love bombing. Which is used by people with insecurities and people that tend to resort to manipulation to get the love they feel they deserve… regardless I sign this lease with the girl of my dreams so it would seem…

Shortly after moving in our whole dynamic changed. She started demanding ridiculous things. Complaining that I spend too much time at work and how I should prioritize her more. This was around thanksgiving a few years ago, so I invited a friend and his fiancé at the time over to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. My girl had gone through my phone right before they came over and saw I had received a Snapchat from another on it my friends wives, I’ve been best friends with her husband for almost 5 years and had recently come back from a trip to spend a few days with them in their new home he just bought… regardless I was behaving inappropriately somehow for receiving these snapchats. She drove off into the night and basically put me in a completely ridiculous and embarrassing situation with my friend and his fiancé that I had invited over. After they left she came back and screamed about how much of an asshole I was abs how I didn’t care…. She slammed doors and threw shit all over my apartment. Later when trying to go to bed she literally kicked me in the back out of bed so o had to sleep on the couch…

About 3 more episodes like this and me being a fucking idiot that tried to fix things, she finally hit a crazy home run. She got a text message from her a friend she was arguing with at the time about some petty bullshit, saying how I was telling her boyfriend (a friend of mine and coworker) about our failing relationship. She started her tantrum and I just grabbed my keys and decided I wasn’t going to spend the night at my apartment and argue any longer I was sick of it. She threatened to call the police and tell them I was drunk driving. So I called my brother to come pick me up, to be fair I had actually drank about 5 beers that night and didn’t want to roll the dice.

When she found out she called the police and told them I had thrown her into our entertainment center, she feared for her life, and now I was fleeing the scene (all the while I was looking her in the eyes as she sat at the kitchen table… spooky ass feeling…)

The police showed up, interviewed us both, she admitted to having made it up and just “wanted an apology from me” and she wouldn’t press charges. Regardless the police in California don’t really operate like that for domestic disputes, so I was booked for misdemeanor battery of a partner. I spent two days in county and my case was rejected because there was no evidence of what she claimed I had done. I missed two days at work because of the arrest, and spent 8 months living at a friends house and paying half of the lease because she refused to move out.

That’s my story… queue the “you should have…” guys

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