Girlfriend masterbates/ touches me when she thinks I’m sleeping.

I’ve definitely crossed paths with the idea that this is some kind of fantasy for her and if she were to admit to it then it would ruin it for her and honestly I don’t want that. I don’t believe she likes deliberately putting me down in a degrading way but she wants nothing more then to get off the topic as quickly as possible. I’ve suggested to her and read on other posts in similar topics that she can be sleeping and performing sexual acts without knowing. But this is very hard for me to believe given the way she pulls it out as soon as the lights go on. As for me, most nights I don’t let it bother me. I turn the other way and just fall asleep. And I’m very heavy sleeper so she doesn’t really wake me up. For her on the other hand it’s hard for me to gauge how often she does it. And no she can’t nap she works at 8-4. That is what concerns me the most is her health and I told her that. I just want her to be happy and love lifestyle she enjoys with or without me. But she seems so happy with me in every other aspect of her life.

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