Girlfriend sleeping in same bed as male friend during trip [UPDATE]

I feel you.

My ex used to share a rented apartment with other 3 people due to money reasons, and she planned a vacation with one of them.

I didn't do anything, I told her to have fun and don't worry, that I trusted in her.

The week after she came she was happier than ever, 2 months later she dumped me and started dating him. Now they live both of them together. And you know what? There is nothing I will have changed about my reaction.

Remember OP: everything that happens is not your fault. You can't put shackles on someone and expect them to not leave you forever, everyone is free to make their own choices, and she is going to make her choices if she shares the bed with him or not. You are not responsible of that outcome, the only thing you can do is be an understanding and supportive bf, there is no downside on being a good person afterall.

Good Riddance.

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