Girlfriend who lives with her mother is in danger most of the time.

From what I saw with her first boyfriend was enough for me to go out and get the thing. I stopped carrying it once he got in jail and knew he was gone for good. A lot of the people in the park are a bit crazy. There’s a woman who’s constantly yelling at her small children. I don’t believe her mom is prostituting herself, just because E says she only hears “the noises”, meaning them having sex, when her boyfriend/partner/I don’t know what they are, is over. She loves her dad. The parents fought a lot when E was younger and from my understanding her dad was the only one who stood up for her. Her sister told me that her mom doing this stuff (getting really mad at them for nothing sometimes, which I forgot to mention) when they moved to the trailer park and E says the drugs started after the first boyfriend went to jail. She says she would live with her dad in a heartbeat if changing schools(she went there before and it was tough for her from my understanding) and the issue of space weren’t present. Her dad lives with his mom, and his sister, and her 2 small children. So. It’s pretty tight already.

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