girlfriend with schizophrenia

ya i believe she may have created this issue for herself, she was in a home life surrounded by drugs, and didn’t necessarily have this issue when she was younger, making it harder for me to empathize with her sometimes because in reality she knew she should not be using the drugs she was using as often as she was. I under stand it was hard for her to not use them tho, i was a chronic pot smoker and would trip a lot on LSD to gain that enlightenment if you know what i’m saying, she used it to feel good while i was using it for the expansion of my consciousness, to an extent it’s her fault but i also understand, her mother is schizophrenic, and i’m sure the heavy drug use wasn’t helpful, but it makes me angry that it has become my problem because she puts it off on me and really doesn’t do too much to help herself, fortunately she is sober now but is stuck in somewhat of a victim mentality, she uses weed to go to sleep which i can understand a little bit, but also it’s important to not have a habit, i quit because i’m looking to join the airforce and i have always been a strong minded person and this wasn’t an issue for me, i truly meant it when i would tell people weed was not addictive (for me)but i do have a rather cynical outlook on life, there is some background info that nobody asked for haha, but thank you a million times my friend.

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