Do girls really like random surprises or does being somewhat an asshole keep them around?

A lot of people could be 1000 people. 1 million people. or 100 million people.,moment%2C%20experience%2C%20or%20feeling.

Gifting giving as an act of love isn't my idea or opinion. Nor did I invent the the concept of human-greed or desire to have financial gain.

Unless you view all of humanity as that superficial.

I don't view all of anything. Because all implies there is no variance. Just because >>YOU<< don't think a certain way does not mean they aren't other people who do.

For example, do this (and we both know you won't because people like you never want to be wrong).

Go to r/AskReddit

And ask "Would you forgive someone who did something mean for the right price?"

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