Girls of reddit, is it true that quiet guys are unattractive because they don't seem confident? Why or why not?


Because you guys might hate me lol.

I'm an athletic, tall college senior. My neighbors have a nerdy, college freshman son.

One afternoon last month, I hear a lot of noise and commotion.

"No, guys! Please! PLEASE!!!"

And I can just see the top of his head over the fence as he struggles but gets tossed out of his backdoor, into his backyard by his laughing friends.

He desperately turns the door handle to no avail.

"Guys this isn't funny!!! This is MY house, let me in!"

I start to walk away and dismiss it to do my laundry.

Finally, he says "Guys, please let me in...I swear if anyone sees!!!"

Now I'm curious.

And as I walk over, standing up now, I can now see over the fence.

He is NAKED!

As naked as a jaybird.

I can't believe they've done this to him lol.

Oh yes that's right, his mother said it was his birthday this week! They must have stripped him butt-naked as a prank and tossed him outside to celebrate in his birthday suit! Hahaha.

I couldn't help it.

From a profile view, I caught sight of that surprisingly cute, bare white bubble butt shaking in the sunlight as he stood on his tippytoes in front of his own kitchen window pathetically begging to be let back into his own house. Not to mention his adorable little package flapping as he struggled with the doorkob hahaha.

The fact that he is so quiet, and not confident at all, and that I'm probably the only non-family member female to ever see that bod was admittedly QUITE intriguing lol.

So no, quiet girls can be even MORE attractive in their way. Even while panicked and exposed for the world to see lol.

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