Girls of Reddit: What is the creepiest thing a man has said to you in public?

That he respects women.

I had an older tourist guy approach me asking for directions. I was a young college student, going home from a party. It was a pretty safe neighbourhood and it was the Main Street so I wasn’t threatened, even late at night. Except he decided to follow me around, trying to grope me and hug me, while telling me that he respects women and how the culture of his home country is all about loving women.

I told him that he is not respecting my personal space. It didn’t bother him. I was getting distraught and panicky because I felt like I couldn’t go home with his guy following me. There was no one around to ask for help so in the end I decided to jump in front of the first taxi that I saw. The driver picked me up and gave me a joyride around the block for free to lose the other guy. I was hysterically crying all along. I’m forever grateful for that taxi driver.

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