Girls of Reddit, what is something guys shouldn't feel insecure about?

The first time I cried in front of my ex-wife was when our dog of 14 years was dying. I always knew my wife viewed emotions as weakness. I always hid the "weak" ones from her. A few months earlier I discovered she was cheating on me and she was extremely unapologetic. With my dog dying, I couldn't hold back the years. I was losing my wife and the dog I developed a bond with. It was overwhelming. As I was bawling my eyes out, my dog was losing her motor skills and repeatedly falling over. My ex-wife seeing the tears looked at me with an uncontrollable smug look on her face. I lost it more because it told me that what ever love she said she she had for me over the last 22 years was bullshit. For her to feel that kind of emotion as our dog died was worse. She betrayed me and the dog.

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