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I'm a pretty stupid guy. And falling/hurting myself was my expertise.

I haven't fell in over 2 years now, by that I mean nothing amazing like I used to.

I'll tell you two stories that are among the ones me and my friends like to remember and tell everyone for a good laugh.

Friends Description (no real names will be used)

  • Jake, he's a cool guy we've been BFFs almost since we met. We don't play fight, we actually fight and he usually wins. Aside from that we laugh at pretty much the same things, have similar humor and LOVE to make fun of everything and everyone that crosses our paths. Mostly we make fun of us. He's about the same height I am, but he's stronger than me no doubt.

  • Wulfgar, this guy's a fucking beast. Taller and wider than Jake, and stronger. The biggest guy in our year basically, he was kinda smart too: smarter than me, not as smart as Jake. But Wulfgar is a lovable soul, and he has the cutest face and the highest voice in our group. One time he kicked a ball so hard it is said it landed on moon (joke obviously but that ball was never seen again).

  • Story 1:

The PE class was over so me and the guys sprint back to the locker room.

I'm in the lead of course, I'm the fastest Jake is to my right and Wulfgar to my left.

And then I had this beautiful vision of me jumping in the air and kicking Wulfgar on his chest, he would fall down and we would all laugh!

So that's what I did, raised my left leg and kicked back at his belly except... his massive weight and brute force pushed me forward and the result was me crashing down on the cement and rolling into the bushes nearby.

I was mocked the rest of the day.

  • Story 2:

Same group! We've been smoking a few cigarettes, talked about girls and tits and whatnot, had a few beers....

You know, the kind of thing friends do when they're not being fucking knobs.

So obviously we decided we should start fucking around a bit.

We were in the woods, near a lake that was near our school. And there were small hills.

We decided he should gather sticks and throw them in the air and then, with a branch, hit them mid-air into the lake (or against one of us). So, kind of baseball with sticks.

And then I found it! Biggest fucking branch in the world! 16.4 feet (5 meters if I'm not mistaken). I had to swing it! Spin it around! Have fun with it. So I grab it, and start running downhill, leaving my friends slightly behind. There's was an empty space near the lake where I could test the multiple branch applications. And when I'm about to reach the bottom of the hill... DARKNESS!!!, and dirt, and sand... in my mouth. I hear the guys laughing their asses off and I was pretty confuse, I do not remember falling.

Here's what happened: as I started running with the branch dragging through the ground, Jake has the bright idea to step on it. The result was me kicking the air like an handicaped shaolin monk and twisting in the air and then falling.

So that's it! Thanks for the opportunity OP!

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