GLORY champ Rico Verhoeven defends heavyweight title against Alistair Overeem on Oct. 23

Beyond that glove difference plays a HUGE factor. Go look at boxing glove Muay Thai vs MMA globe Muay Thai.

That's a common narrative but if you've ever actually put on a pair of boxing gloves, you know it's wrong. Training gloves are obviously like pillows.
But people don't fight in training gloves. Competition size boxing gloves are almost the same size as MMA gloves.

I see the difference in muay thai too. Ever notice how muay thai fighters have like 300 fights? I think the difference you're seeing is trying to preserve themselves to fight again in 3 weeks in normal muay thai. And going all out to win that really important match they only fight a few times a year in higher paid matches in mma glove muay thai.

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