$GME Daily Discussion - May 03, 2021

Today’s a very sad day for me. Last week I signed off the sale of 3 of my cars which will get picked up tomorrow: 488 GTB, R35 and a Q8. They’ve been barely driven over the past year due to lockdown so the sale is justified. Just having a hard time letting go. For the sentimental value, after the finance is paid off I vow the throw the remaining equity into the stock (I don’t really need the money). Works out at about £130k or so. Currently a XXXX holder, trying to get to XX,XXXX. I’m not doing it for the tendies. I’m doing it because the 1% are scumbags. And because i like the stock.

1700 bhp, over 10l, 18 cylinders. Have at me, Kenny boy.

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