$GME Daily Discussion - June 05, 2021

Yeah man, I left for 8 hours and I come back and there's just WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many memes about her. For the record I was smashed on tequila, rhum and good vibes, and I didn't watch the whatever TV thing she was on, but the level of directed anger, cruelty and pettiness towards her was OFF THE CHARTS.

It really did look like my fellow investors were just a bunch of childish, angry young people like in 4chan.

I never saw this before, except when a lynch mob suddenly appeared to do Warden in and then less than 12 hours later aggressively saying "THIS THING IS DONE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT" like if apes weren't worldwide and working on a 24 hours clock.

u/AK-47kreyer gave me the idea of retroactively use Satori to reevaluate what happened that time. His words moved me, and I understood that if we were to survive as a group, we'd have to study those flash lynchmobs, because they will be back.

Mass tagging those accounts as "lynchers" would be a good idea. We don't want apes that run off with torches and ropes against public figures every week, or else it's going to 1- spread poison 2- make us look like baboons.

And we ain't baboons

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