Why GME is the next TSLA. A case for going LONG GME.

Building an NFT integration is easier than building a trading platform and allows modeling the real world player-built economy a lot better. ebay, amazon, MtG trading websites all have fees too btw that MtG never sees a dime of like they would with NFTs. Right there alone that added revenue stream should make up for however much protest and dropped users you can imagine.

There's also the fact that it opens up entirely new gaming loops revolving around scarcity. In the simplest use case, if you can look at the contract and see that new NFTs for that card cannot be minted you then have a guarantee of scarcity and might be willing to spend more on it when it's cheap so you can use it (or trade it). You can't get that without NFTs when your game always has the possibility of item duplication glitches/hacks being found and the dupes were traded to innocent people. Also let's be real, people will always fund gold farming black markets anyways if a game allows you to just create supply, and NFTs ensure the devs will always get a cut of that.

Or, you could allow minting NFT cards as a prize for tournaments, maybe have an entrance fee/ante where everyone has to stake a card. This could even be completely automatic as an off-the-cuff Discord tourney thanks to smart contracts (with diminishing better prizes if more people play or something)

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