GME is the only play! Anything else is a shill.

In a fraudulent system (like this one) all of what you said doesn't matter because there's no accountability. They will dark pool, FTD, call/put, and msm shill to manipulate the outcome. The days of the stock market running as a system is over. Maybe it can recover after the MOASS if the banks and feds allow it to play out as a free market. Buying pressure means nothing at this time, the only impact has been T+21/35 days. After that runs its course its sideways trading for weeks. We havent dipped like March because now we know their secrets and everyone is watching. The movie stock jump was simply a test of fomo. GME apes are not swayed and we got all the glorious DD and facts here on this amazing sub fresh for your eyes. Please dont ask me what are the facts, they are here sorted by "DD".

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