The GNA are griefers!

I hear this isn't the first thing you've brought up from months in the past.

"So let me get this straight.

NovaCeasar and her entire nation have finally moved far away from you - the other side of the map in fact, as far as they can physically get from Rome. Before she leaves, treaties are finally signed defining where exactly the borders are, and relations seem to be improving. The old conflicts of the past may finally be buried. Quiet returns to the --. You have gotten everything you asked for.

And yet, successfully driving her out of your quadrant - finally making sure you no longer have to deal with her at all - you just can't fucking leave her alone. It's not in your nature. You can't stop beating the dead horse. You've won and cannot leave her be.

So you drag up month-old charges - actions taken in the Deseret War - in a war - and offer 500d for someone to drag Nova back to you so you can deal with her again. So she can be tried in a Roman court - I'm absolutely certain that'll be a fair and unbiased trial (so heavily sarcastic I pray to God I don't need the /s) and then pearled for months, if not permanently - which appears to be the goal if you're charging her with treason and espionage.

And at the same time, you bring back to light the documents Nova posted from your Senate that demonstrated that Rome cannot be trusted as an ally - that you were planning to attack Aeon despite your alliance and without provocation. Instead of letting that be forgotten - and Nova had actually deleted that post several weeks ago - you have to bring that back to light in your continued harassment of her. Do you people have any political instincts or are your law degrees all in patent law? How is this supposed to benefit you? You remind everyone you're backstabbers, lose 500d, drag out the drama even longer, and for what?

She has moved as far away from you as possible. She will not trouble you any further. She is unable to trouble you any further, and in fact lacks all desire to. For all your talk of wanting a drama-free quadrant, at this point it is Rome starting shit, and continuing this fucking inane cycle of tribal warfare.

Fucking grow up and move on. That I have to say this to people old enough to legally get drunk on a regular basis is absurd, but there it is. If you want an end to the drama, stop continuing it. "

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