GNC male/possibly TiM(?) looking for genuine advice/perspective

Be very careful with therapy.

I went to "marriage counseling" with my spouse. The therapist was spouting off such insane nonsense I had to stop and correct him. It was awful.

He gave me a list of shit to look up, I gave him a list of shit to look up...

I looked up what he gave me. Lead directly to Reddit: The Red Pill.

He thanked me for the list I gave him. Discussed it with his wife, has changed his approach...but Damn. I only hope this male being open minded to learning has helped other women.

It was bad.

But. His list, that lead me to Red Pill, lead me here. All worked out.

If you disagree, Speak Up! If you are uncomfortable, don't feel heard, feel like you are being pushed: Speak Up.

If you don't feel okay to speak up, change therapists. If you speak up and they steam roll over you (act like they are an authority and you "are gonna") find another therapist.

Don't be afraid to walk out or cancel. You are there to take care of you. KEEP ON taking care of you!

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