Do you think God is real, and why?

In Christianity, God doesn't send you to hell for not believing Him. Instead, think of it this way: God will not force you into heaven if you don't want to be with Him for eternity, because He gave you free will and he'd be a pretty shitty God if he overrode your own choice.

"He won't send you to hell, he'll just let you go there with zero opportunities to understand the full situation."

Since God created us as eternal creatures

Prove it.

you have to spend eternity somewhere

Prove it.

That's what hell is - a quarantine of sorts.

"Hell" is protection from things that hurt us. Noted. Also, prove it.

It's also the most widely misunderstood concept within the doctrine.

Omnipotent being is bad at being undstood. Unusual problem, to say the least.

Love by definition is freely given.

By definition, not remotely correct.

Within scripture, God is not threatening with hell, He's warning you of hell.

That he created and controls the conditions of. Warning you that if you don't do what he says, the gun will kill you, but all he did was pull the trigger. Sure.

He's saying my way is the way to ultimate peace, love, rest, zero conflict, etc.

As evidenced by alllllll those followers of his not doing crusades and not taking down the twin towers and not slaughtering people by the millions. Ultimate peace.

Reading anything can be misinterpreted

Even an omnipotent god, somehow. I guess, if we need to bend over backwards to make this tripe make sense.

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