God vs. Cosmos

I understand that point, but it's not what the post is saying.

If their is a God a scientist would want to know what he is made out of. Everything is made of particles. We have a pretty good knowledge of what particles exist.

This argument assumes that God would be made out of the same stuff as the Universe, made out of some form of particles. That's not really relevant to the Witness (and I'd say Christian in general, even) model of God.

Where does he exist. How exactly does prayer work. It takes a couple seconds to get a signal to the moon. Propagation delays would have to be taken into consideration.

This assumes that God exists somewhere in the Universe and that communication with him obeys physical limitations. I see how that may be compelling to a scientifically minded person but I think it's pretty off base for the common description of God. The God described by Witnesses would not rely on physical transmission of information, but would have an omniscience that would include all sent prayers.

The problem for believers in God is that we have a pretty good understanding of how physics works. Any postulation that included a God creates more questions than answers.

This is not a problem for believers, and a physics based approach does nothing to actually challenge their conception of God. I agree with the poster that any postulation creates more questions than answers, and I agree that there is no teleological necessity for God, since we can just assume the cosmos is eternal. However, I don't think those arguments are relevant to the actual concept of God Witnesses use, since their God is outside of the Universe and not bound by its constraints.

From a scientific perspective, a God with those attributes would necessarily already violate physical laws. An omniscient God would be in constant violation of physical uncertainty principles. An all powerful God would be in constant violation of energy conservation principles. Bringing up those conflicts doesn't do anything to disprove God in the mind of a believer, since they already understand God to be above/outside/beyond the physical world as we know it.

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