Going to tell my kids this was Q in High School

So glad you got nothing better to do than people down. Try getting a real job. In the real world you fat bastard. Everyone has a purpose on the planet. The ones who never find theirs often die young so figure it out! Let’s start by going to the gym. Then thanking your parents for putting up with you. Then thank any close friends or family. Do I need to go in or should I start the ABCs of first response.? Yea I called you fat! Maybe I am a Little too .. maybe you aren’t. What difference does it make? Being fat isn’t bad. It’s being unhealthy that is. The curse was a shock to wake you up to listen. The rest of the words should soak in. It’s all neuroscience but I don’t have time to keep teaching people these things on the internet. Hindbrain living... the functions of the brain. Relax a little. And thump your skull to think and understand the words I’m saying. Women are better than men. We are logical and emotional and can adapt accordingly. Guys are slow to the catch.

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