Golden (Adept/Face/Professional Wrestler)

Disclaimer: most of my advice is my opinion, and can be ignored. When I make a suggestion, do not take it as gospel

What's this? An elf without max agility or charisma? Instant approval! I'm kidding, but I like how you spent your Attribute points.

Other people have mentioned that you have assensing but no astral perception. As far as the rest of your skills go, I disagree with some of your choices. Con is great, and it's important for faces, but Etiquette will save your hoop. Also, no matter the run, Negotiation is always used (asking for more money :D). You don't have much going for you in the way of combat. You should probably put more points into either pistols or some other firearm skill. You could possibly take out a few points from unarmed, specialize in Pro Wrestling, and move the points somewhere else. Overall, the skills aren't bad. Once you deal with the assensing issue and get more points into a combat skill, you'll be fine. I don't think unarmed would be great for your character, but pro wrestling is a core part of the idea, so keep it.

Blighted is a hell of a quality, especially with low edge. I hope you know what you're getting into. At the point you're at, it's basically a permanent -1 to all physical actions.

As our Glorious Lawman said, Cool Resolve is under review, so I'll skip that for now and look at the other powers. You've invested a lot of points into combat powers for someone who looks mostly non-combat. Perhaps you should either change some of the powers to be more facey, or make changes to the character to invest more into the wrestling side of things.

If you're character's main thing is pro wrestling, maybe you should take more wrestling techniques.

As of right now, you look like a face. That said, you have Low lifestyle. That is not ideal, it will be harder for you to blend in with high society. It's not quite squatter level, but you won't smell as nice or be able to shower as regularly. Also, I just realized something. You are blighted. That means you are radioactive. I don't think that meshes well with being a face man. People at parties might shy away from the guy setting off the Geiger Counter.

Here's a question for you: would you rather be primarily a wrestler who is a secondary face, or would you rather be primarily a face who is secondarily a wrestler. Imo, at priority C for skills, you will probably have to choose. I think the character is workable either way. Once the leadership makes a decision on the Cool Resolve power, I'll take another look over your sheet, but it looks alright. My biggest critique is that I'm not sure if you are going more for the face side or the wrestler side. Once that is cleared up, I can help more. Some sleep for me would also help my reviews :\

I'm sorry if this is incoherent or gives bad advice. It's 2 in the morning when I am writing this, so I don't think this is a great critique.

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