Golden children, what was the incident that made you face your family dynamic?

I’m sorry. I don’t want to express myself and have you feel like I’m not listening. You have asked and I will share…

Golden child… I was that originally. And then not. And then again.

My older sister was the scapegoat and was still the golden child. I think my mother felt guilty because she was being abused sexually and my mother didn’t do shit to protect her or me or the oldest girl.

She couldn’t play music and I could. She got the clarinet and the guitar for Christmas and she could not play either of them. I was a musician, and could play them both… But I was not allowed to have them until my sister decided that music was stupid, because she couldn’t play music. I didn’t get the instruments until she was 12 and I was nine… Even though I was playing every piano and guitar that I could get my hands on at age 5.

I am a musician.

The golden child… my older sister got D’s and F’s in school. I got straight A’s. I was first published with poetry at age 8, but my mother always told me that I should not come home and be excited about my grades because I might make my older sister feel bad about herself. This was the older sister who terrorized me daily and beat the shit out of me every day.

I was first chair clarinet. I played guitar and learned how to finger-pick at age 7… Without the benefit of having my own guitar. It was just when my parents took me to other peoples houses and smoked pot and the nice lady let me play her guitar and taught me how And I picked it up within minutes.

This is the golden child. I was the golden child.

I was gifted. I never caused problems in school. My sister caused every part problem you could imagine.

I had a little bit of money when I was a kid once. I bought a quart... it looked like a milk carton… Of Whopper candies. They were my favorite.

My sister came home, because she had gotten shit ass drunk at the house of someone who had trusted her to clean house… And she picked up my quart of whoppers and started screaming that she was being attacked by spiders… And the ambulance came and she had her stomach pumped and I was eight years old.

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