Good and bad parts of Logan Square?

Logan Square resident here; I've lived in Logan Square since September of '08. Logan Square is a large area with many different "mini-neighborhoods". The boundaries of Logan Square are Diversey to the north, Western to the east, Pulaski to the west and Cortland to the south. I've lived at Palmer & Drake, Wrightwood & Central Park and now I'm currently a block east of Kedzie, right around the corner from Longman & Eagle. Each residence felt like it was in a different neighborhood. Living west of Central Park is not advised. You might be able to find cheaper rent, but you are going to have to make some adjustments. There aren't many restaurants or bars in the immediate vicinity and the crime rate definitely goes up. Stay the fuck away from Kosciuszko Park after dark. That area becomes ridden with gang bangers and goons. Armitage is changing rather quickly. Although, again, stay east of Central park. South of Armitage to Cortland, from Western to Pulaski has some pockets of gang activity. Especially west of Kimball. However, I anticipate this to change dramatically in the coming years as the Bloomingdale trail is transformed into the 606 bike/walking trail. I think the South Logan/Northern Humboldt Park residents are looking forward the completion. It will certainly bring investment to the neighborhood and boost property values. I'm sure there will be moments of crime, but this is a move in a positive direction. There have been many incidents recently at the corner of Schubert & Spaulding, near the north entrance of the Logan Square blue line stop. There's low income housing right there and it seems to attract a lot of gang bangers looking to rob women who can't defend themselves. I guarantee people will say "I walk by there every day and have never had a problem." I've personally never had a problem, but I know many people who have been jumped or followed home from that exact spot. Also: there are "sets" on many corners west of Kimball. Palmer & St. Louis, Shakespeare east of Kimball is not advised, Lyndale between California and Kedzie used to be kind of sketchy, but I think it's fine now. Also: anywhere west of Monticello and South of Palmer is going to have random sketchiness. I guarantee there will be someone who refutes all of this, but this is my experience. It seems like Logan Square's biggest issue is currently burglaries and muggings. Keep your head up, keep your eyes open, don't be listening to your massive noise-canceling headphones at 1 am on your way home from the train and you should be fine. Logan Square's rents are rising every year and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. I moved into a three bedroom in 2009 for $1,000 and now I live in a three bedroom for $1,700. That's just over the last five years. I envision Logan Square to become "Lincoln Park West" within the next decade. But, I love it here and I think I'm going to buy a house here. The boulevards are amazing, Palmer Square is great, the restaurants, bars and little shops are all great as well.

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