"Good" girl continues to cheat on her oblivious, beta boyfriend. I recently discovered 2 former co-workers have also had sex with her.

I'm beginning to think I have a vastly different definition of "good girl" than most people on this sub. Like...I'm sorry but you have to be autistic to think a girl who drinks a lot can ever be a good girl. Seriously?

I don't usually share shit on here, but here's something along those lines: I have been with about 5 chicks now who talk a lot about feminist bullshit. Like I'm talking constant Facebook posts quoting feminist bullshit, etc. When I call them out on it, debate them on it with a condescending attitude and constant smirk to match, it turns them on. They love that I don't take it seriously. At first I was flabbergasted. Now I understand. After I'm done fucking them, it's the same. They're fucking puddy in my hands. All of that feminist shit is out the window. They start up, but cuddle up and shut up when I tell them it's bullshit. No fight left in em. It's all a fucking joke. "I hate misogyny; I hate sexist douchebags; blah blah blah" Well, why are you getting dicked around by one who's throwing the bullshit back in your face? It's actually nuts. As far as RP examples for me, it's probably the most blatant example I've been experiencing lately of women saying one thing and doing something completely different.

Oh man. One of these chicks was telling me about a past dude she was seeing. The story was basically this: She was seeing this dude, a manager at a bar or bartender or some bullshit, and he started to stop texting her, etc. Her explanation: I was too mature for him. I know what I want and he just wasn't mature enough to handle me. I literally laughed in her face, told her this was bullshit and that the guy just wasn't interested in her and that that was the reason he stopped responding to her. She laughed and had no response. Gentlemen. It's all bullshit. Call it as you see it. Laugh in the face of it. It's all a joke.

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