Good job boys another water gun off the streets.

What's the point that you are trying to make? Police have shot people when they touched their waistband once to pull their pants up, or pulled out a phone, or feigned pulling out a gun and held literally nothing in their hands, then were shot to death by police for holding literally nothing.

Simply having (possessing) something that is or looks like a gun does not automatically make you a criminal.

Holding or possessing a regular kitchen knife in your hands does not automatically make you the next 10+ body-count serial killer.

Holding or possessing a gun in your hands does not automatically make you a murderer, robber, thief, etc.

Toy makers shouldn't make toys that look like real guns? Police have shot people who were unarmed all the time.

Statistically-speaking with a guesstimate, I'd say there's roughly only 5-20 fatal incidents per year involving "realistic-looking firearms", and those are when suspects directly aimed those weapons at police. Even then, many would still shoot you if you raised and extended your arm out at them with anything (like a phone) or even holding nothing.

The number of fatal accidents involving "realistic-looking firearms" where the person is not aiming them at police is argueably near 0 cases per year. Because they're not real. Because noone is shot or harmed by a real bullet, so people know it's fake.

Confiscating something because it resembles a gun is incredibly dumb and is an extremely steep slippery slope into banning and confiscating all real guns, which is Unconstitutional.

Just read the literal headline and text of OP's post. "Owie! I got splashed by a water (orb) gun! Police arrest this man for shooting me with an air rifle, I almost died!" It is dumb and the time & resources can be focused and placed on combating actual crime, not literal toys.

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