Good news moment this 7 week old kid hears for the first time and his reaction is priceless <3

You’re somewhat correct in that it is controversial in the Deaf community to some members. I took 4 years of American Sign Language, and socialized in the community during my time learning.

It’s a mix of a couple things. From what I understand, it is more so about the child’s choice to get hearing aids when they get to an age where they can decide for themselves. The controversy is heavily among hearing parents. sometimes hearing parents can see deafness as a defect to fix, but in the Deaf community there is a strong sense of empowerment that they are capable of everything a hearing person is capable of. It’s very much a culture. They want hearing parents to allow the deaf child to grow up within Deaf culture and know they’re a part of that community where they don’t have to be “fixed”.

But it’s also like you said in a way too. The Deaf community is INCREDIBLY tight knit and very proud to be who they are. Even when someone does choose on their own free will to get hearing aids or cochlear implants, it can be controversial because sometimes it is seen as rejecting the community that they would be a part of as a Deaf person.

Not everyone in the community feels these opinions, but there are some that do. I just wanted to give you a general idea of some of the thoughts on deaf babies getting hearing aids (or cochlear implants) that may circulate within the Deaf community.

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