Is this a good offer?

A 12k vehicle and you see a low tire and no wiper fluid and think that's evidence of "neglect?" You haven't met my neighbors I guess.

These things are not made of glass. They are very durable, well built cars. Almost nothing could happen to the expensive bits of a new Mazda in 12k miles that would be an expensive problem down the line. You could likely go 12k on original oil and be fine, they put a lot of tolerance in those intervals. And it's still under factory warranty, so obviously Mazda is pretty sure you won't f it up that quick.

Pay a guy $200 to inspect it and do a compression leak down test if you're that worried. But he will find nothing unless someone wrecked the car. You literally could not drive it hard enough on pavement to shorten it's total lifespan in 12k miles.

I'm serious. There's properly careful and there's paranoid.

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