It's good people give thousands of dollars/euros to Respawn and EA.

Yeah I forgot they costed some money and most people played them in net cafes back in the day.

I know EA usually makes profit of a game and lets the company sink and moves on to the new project; there might have been a chance if they'd have improved the servers, but yeah, most likely they'll abandon this game the same way they did with Titanfall 2 someday.

The boycott on Battlefront 2 worked in 2017, but the game was costing money.

Respawn has a lot of issues to focus on but none will go away. I encountered the weirdest things in this game, from not letting me recharge shields/heals to disabling the grapple (it was greyed out).

It's wishful thinking for me, I know this post is a waste of time.

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