Good read on the reality of chronic illness. Thoughts?

You're response is very broad, you basically said: "thanks to the world around you, you are alive and stuff happened that was good" in a very dramatic way, that I feel you think you did some kind of "mic drop"

I'll agree with you.

You are saying I should be thankful that the human-race has a drive for self preservation.

What you said is like saying to a homeless man/woman: "What do you mean the city and government do nothing for you!? They built the benches that you sleep on! You should appreciate them."

Those same doctors/pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies are the that take part in making life saving medicine completely un-affordable to the average or even well off person to afford. (In the U.S.)

I will not throw up my arms in praise for this; my experience with many doctors has not been very positive, I speak for myself.

At the same time, I will admit to being very stubborn in lowering the quality of my life from day to day in order to do a lot of the things recommended that people with C.F. do. How I am, on a whole, has worked out well for me. I will not live sick, whether I am extending my life or or not is honestly not a concern of mine. I do not even think about it and I do not think about the greater future nor do I make plans. The life I have right now I, really, really like. I have made a lot of changes that worked for me that I feel have greatly extended my lifespan without resulting in daily treatments that make me miserable. I live in the present. I also understand how some of my statements contradict each other, on a base level they do, but I understand them.

I do not want or expect people to follow how I am or even look up to me as an example, what I do works for me and we are all entitled to do what works and what makes us happy. You don't like how I am and that's fine, I do not care.

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