Good Self-Study Resources?

Consider doing the traditional route (LSAT, Law School, Bar Exam). If you want to study for the Bar during that process, then it probably won't hurt you. Considering your academic abilities, you could potentially get into a top law school (and a scholarship), excel during law school, land yourself an excellent job offer, and then ultimately take the bar exam.

If you decide against law school, you will need to find a practicing attorney (or judge) in CA who will supervise you/facilitate your in-office studies for three or four years. A lot of attorneys recommend going to law school rather than the supervisory program, but CA is unique in that it allows a route that doesn't involve the traditional law school process. Future employers could view it two ways: on the one hand you did not go to law school so it raises questions about your legal knowledge/skills, but on the other hand it shows that you are able to become a lawyer without even going to law school which is rare/unique and shows how capable you are. However, in terms of bar passage, it is much more likely for someone who went through the supervisory program to fail the bar exam.

Ultimately, if you are as academically capable as you suggest, then you would probably thrive in law school, so I think it's worth considering.

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