As if putting a hook through an earthworm

Man you putting WORK into that strawman. Yeah build that fucker up, what are you gonna start comparing the pain of bugs to babies? Oh wait... You just did. Man you have the worst arguing skills of anyone else I've seen on reddit lmao

Topic is about the pain and suffering of lobsters and crabs being BOILED ALIVE (which takes 5 to 10 minutes to kill them btw) and you're out here trying to make comparisons between earthworms and human children lmao. You argue like a fucking conservative. If I look through your post history will I find a bunch of "the election was stolen" "trump2020" "democrats are vampire pedophile jews" comments?

Would you like some links that scientifically prove that crustaceans feel pain? Or are you above science? Your gut tells you you're better than years of research and scientific methods. If you're right then I guess you're right, right? But hey just for shits and giggles here's some links.

So while all signs point to "YES" we can't just tap into lobster telepathy and ask them. Should they just not even get the benefit of the doubt that they do? Do they not even deserve any respect whatsoever? You would consider it inhumane to torture a cow or pig before slaughter right? But how can you prove they feel pain in the same way? They all share the same systems and react similarly as crustaceans.

I still find it hilarious you are arguing about everything except crabs and lobsters lol. Your thought process is pretty underdeveloped, sad. Should have payed more attention in school, worked out your brain a little more. You getting a little smooth in the brain, bro.

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