>Be me and going into 2022

>Really into audio, computers, games, and anime

>Finally get into a "comfortable" spot with my hobbies having dropped large sums into each of them.

>See $1000 Kusanagi (NSFW) and no longer satisfied.

>Not problem, single no kids at time

>See amazing $200 Blackrock

>Still fine, really I am, so add to pre-orders

>See With Fans! Milim went back into production, debate it vs Phat . . . decide Phat knee looks weird and pull trigger.

>I'm good, yep, totally, I can stop when I want.

>Find badass Railgun

>I'm sweating a bit.

>Roxy gets announced

>Pre-ordered, three Ikea cases will be full, I'm done.

>Meet GF.

>GF moves in within month.

>Rent goes up 12%.

>Fuck that, try buying house.

>First offer fails due to cash bid by investment firm, FML

>Find one and somehow get it without getting swooped by Blackrock and co. at 32% increase over past two years. Will probably be a bit underwater in collapse but reasonable enough it should still recover for area (~$20K-35K temp "loss" expected).

>Wipe my savings getting house and stuck at shit interest rate but better than renting, finally get equity and various tax write-offs. GF happy.

>Student loan forgiveness gets extended and clears, only two years left to clear $40K of debt

>Work tells us we can start working from home, save on gas money and whatnot

>Things looking up

>Some time goes buy . . . pre-orders moved up

>Start having back and ass pain, realize cheap Office Depot chair is fucking me

>Find local office furniture dealer, decide on Global Obusforme XL at around $1000 kitted out - will be in in two months but will fit my fat ass even better than Leap Plus (probably)

>GF demands new fridge

>Ceiling fan having issues in bedroom I have to fix

>Wiping out savings a second time

>pain peko

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