[Goodwill] Does race play into MVP voting? The conversation has gotten toxic and out of hand, but consider this: the NBA posted an hourlong highlight vid of Austin Reaves' best plays. Yes, that Austin Reaves. Race is always part of the convo

You are greatly over exaggerating. Kendrick Perkins was 100% in the wrong and what he said was racist. Having a discussion and differing opinions on race doesn't mean a white person is telling a POC that they're too dumb to be trusted or that they arent valid. People are unique with many different views and walks of life. I've been living in the US for only 10 ish years and I've never seen a country so infatuated with racial identity like the US and I've lived in Korea, UK, Japan, and Australia.

Your last paragraph is just so out of touch. NBA players are hypocrites for the most part. Look at the Kyrie situation for example. I think only Deni Avdija and LeBron (kind of) criticised Kyrie while players like Jaylen Brown supported him. Jaylen Brown also supported Kanye big surprise. Let's not forget the "cultural appropriation" Lin was accused of by Kenyon Martin.

No player came in support of Lin. How about when the Brooklyn Nets partnered with the ADL and released shirts for the players to wear for 1 game in support of a Brooklyn rabbi who was murdered? Only 1 player wore that shirt and players like Kyrie/some nobody said why would we wear that shirt our people die everyday?

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