Google Ads: Does 'targeting expansion' ignore your audience targeting?

Audience targeting is the first step that marketers take to create ads or content that are very specific to a particular segment of audiences who are more likely to purchase that product or services. 

To explain, audience targeting is the way marketers use to formulate campaigns that are directly connected with their consumer lifestyles. 

Audience targeting ensures you’re using your marketing resources in the right way for the right people at the right time.

Moreover, it helps you to skip audiences that are irrelevant for your campaign and would not generate any ROI. And move potential customers down the proverbial funnel. 

To facilitate you, let’s understand first the different types of audience targeting you can perform.

Top brands using audience targeting data in a variety of ways to leverage the maximum out of it. For example- they are making a separate social media page for every targeted segment of audience and acting on it. 

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