Google Fires Employee Behind Controversial Diversity Memo

How is that relevant?

you don't know how one of the most discussed, reported, vocal and prominent social movement groups' stance on what constitutes racism and what doesn't might impact race relations or help set policies such as these? come on... don't play coy.

Yes, you did. Assuming that all resources in the system remain the same, removing aid from literally everyone except white men (and arguably asian men) is literally giving more help to white men.

no i didn't and i still haven't suggested that. you just like to force that position on me because it's any easy argument to swat down. no one is suggesting that only white men get additional help because clearly that's stupid.

if you aid people based on socioeconomics primarily you are NOT helping white or asian men, on average.

the socioeconomic gap is there, on average, but at an individual level that means nothing. not all minorities are disadvantaged, even though on average the minority groups are. the idea that skin color is the ONLY factor seems pretty silly and racist in itself. all i'm suggesting is that a person's economic status be considered as well.

i don't think that's all that's as controversial of a position as you seem to be thinking it is.

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