Has Google just stopped caring about GH?

What? GH was released in Dec and we have IFTTT integration added. We got API.AI added. We got Netflix integration added since released. We got Google Photos integration added since launch. A number of other things.

But the biggest one is how much my GH has learned since I have owned it.

Just replaying a song was limited kind of like the Echo. But now GH supports replay, start over, again, restart, play it again, and a bunch of others. Still not "one more time".

Echo has a command. It is learning quick.

Noticed a new one just a couple of days ago. Now it understands if "I" is included or not. GH has understanding of what you are asking.

So if I say "hey google I forgot" She might now say "happens to me all the time".

But if say "hey google forgot or nevermind" she said "yes lets move forward". The words change but the context of the answer is appropriate.

I could care less if people love or hate the GH. But there is so much misinformation it is getting a little ridiculous, IMO.

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