Google’s CEO just sided with Apple in the encryption debate

What a publicity stunt, there's no way Google actually gives two shits about their users' privacy. A fraction of Google's income is from selling their users' stolen data anyway, why would they risk that?

God, everyone around here thinks Google is all open source and for a free internet, but it's so painfully obvious that they aren't either of those things. The Android source code you can get isn't the same as the Android on your mobile device, the Chromium/Chromium OS source code you can download isn't the same as the Chrome/Chrome OS you have on your PC. Who knows what Google could have added that affects your privacy on your devices? One thing for sure though, Google's Play apps, which may or may not come with the source code (likely not,) are totally closed-source. The source for the one Android app that has the most info collected about you is completely private and we have no idea what it does. Plus, I don't know about Android's filesystem since I haven't used the OS in about a year, but with Chrome OS's filesystem? You have no idea what's inside your hard drive. From the built-in File Manager you're only allowed to browse your Downloads folder and cloud services, so your best shot at finding out what Chrome OS is made of is going into Developer Mode and using the terminal to cd your way around folders, but that's futile since there are so many places to check since the OS is so big. All I'm saying is that Google isn't the future, they're the same company they always were. In fact, they're more like 90's Microsoft than Microsoft is today, seeing as how they've started to force software onto people. I see schools getting Google software being put into students' normal workflow, Firefox and OpenOffice being dumped for Chrome and Google Docs. How is this the future? I don't mean to sound like a Linux hipster or something, but wasn't the future thought to be open-source, community based software just a few years ago? Not a large corporation pulling a PR stunt to become more trusted pushing closed source, potentially insecure software? Isn't that what we were trying to avoid? Look at where stuff like this has gotten us in the past.

Just thought I'd get that off my chest.

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