GOP chair of the science and tech subcommittee says: I didn't vaccinate my kids

Do you have an actual medical link between these issues, or are you just throwing them up there in the hopes I'll be phased by an apparent source-free correlation?

Well, there's no more of a "proven" medical link that vaccines cause this anymore than a child that dies after getting measles. After all, just because a kid dies while having measles doesn't mean measles killed him right? Anything could have caused it! It's just correlation that he had the disease while he died! (dumbass logic of blind pro-vaccines)

The real problem is, I could present you with overwhelming evidence that vaccines and our massive amount of drugs are to blame for this, and you will take the stance of defending them, no matter what, regardless of the evidences. Because you are already rooted in your decision and your pride is at stake. You have an emotional connection with this issue. It's no longer about finding truth, or what's actually right or wrong. It's about winning and proving the other guy wrong at all costs.

Since 1989 the government has paid out over 3 billion dollars to people injured by vaccines. These are all cases where a judge has saw fit that the only logical conclusion was that a person was severely injured by a vaccine, the vast majority of them being behavioral or mental disabilities. Is this solid god given proof? No, but neither is a getting a headache after hitting yourself on the head with a mallet. After all, they could just be unrelated. But anyone with half a brain can put 2 and 2 together.

Here's a handful of sample cases that you can look at. I'll link you do the exact court PDF. This is just a tiny handful sample of the over 5 thousand that have been won.

“…no evidence to overcome the strong probability that the DPT was the most likely cause. Richelle’s disabilities include autistic-like behavior, hyperactivity, and partially controlled seizures. The court finds further that all other statutory requirements have been met, and concludes that petitioners are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained as a result of the DPT vaccine administered on July 30, 1979.”

“Court ruled in favor of compensation due to the significant aggravation of child’s pre-existing mitochondrial disorder based on an MMR vaccine Table presumptive injury of encephalopathy, which eventually manifested as chronic encephalopathy with features of autism spectrum disorder and a complex partial seizure disorder as a sequelae.”

Eric was completely healthy prior to a DPT booster. His is a “known case of static encephalopathy after DPT immunization.” Based on the court’s own findings of fact and the reasons proffered by Dr. Lichtenfeld, the court concludes that Eric, more likely than not, sustained an encephalopathy and that the first manifestation of onset of the injury occurred within the Table time frame.

“Petitioners have satisfied the legal requirements for proving that Elias’s December 26, 2000 DTaP vaccination was a legal cause of his epilepsy and death. Respondent has not overcome Petitioners’ evidence by proving an alternative cause. Therefore, I find that Petitioners have established entitlement to compensation under the Vaccine Act.”

Hey, that one actual says they did prove that the vaccine was at fault. Yay, I did it!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conceded that the MMR vaccination caused the boy’s encephalopathy. There is no documentation stating the government recognized that the encephalopathy directly led to his autism. The Mojabi’s were awarded a lump sum of more than $980,0000, and another lump sum, several million dollars more, will be invested in annuities on his behalf to cover annual costs for the rest of his life.

Then of course there's the landmark cases where a bunch of people got paid out at the same time because their children immediately had seizures and digressed into autistic like behavior within 12 hours of receiving their 1 year vaccines. Of course, again this isn't "proof". Just like it isn't "proof" that my headache is cause by me smashing my head into the wall 50 times. It could just be coincidence! Right!?

Oh, and there just a tiny bit more evidence when you look at the over 30 thousand adverse reactions reported every year from VAERS. Of which need to be reported within a small time window after getting a vaccine. But hey this isn't "proof" of anything! IT'S JUST COUNCIDENCE. EVEN THOUGH YOUR CHILD WENT INTO A SEIZURE TWO HOURS AFTER RECEIVING 8 SHOTS WE ARE CONFIDENT THE TWO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER.

Of course, you as a skeptic, will say this doesn't "prove" anything. Even though there is a positively overwhelming correlation between the two that can be examined at any time line and across any country. But hey, you're free to ignore evidence that contradicts your natural bias. I'm okay with that.

Now to address the other things you said:

This has a more simple explanation: Patients want something, and doctors don't want to say no. This has ties to issues with medical liability as well, which inflates the amount of medically pointless procedures people are put through as medical CYA.

Do I care who is to blame? No... I'm just pointing out that doctors do in fact over prescribe, over treat, over medicate. Whether it's their fault or not is not relevant to the issue. Doctors go overboard with about everything there is and there's absolutely no reason to believe all these same reasons listed don't apply to vaccines as well.

What is hard to understand about this? Go look back at past statistics of the amount of people infected by this shit in the 50's, and many died. Then come back with that silliness about how its' such a minor issue these days.

Yes, it was killing some people back then, but it was also on a large natural decline.

Interesting that graphs like this are never shown on the CDC right? They only show ones that go back 20 years, giving you a snippet of data and not the full picture. Anyway, to make a long explanation short. The reason diseases were on a massive decline before vaccines was because of less poverty, indoor plumbing, better sanitization, better treatment. It's the same reason that ebola can spread through africa like wildfire and can't spread at all here. It's not vaccines, it's being a first world nation.

Look at any of those top 5 countries on the child mortality rate. All of which have half or less than half the vaccines on their current schedule than we done. None of those countries have an epidemic of disease. Let me repeat that again. Those countries have half the vaccine schedule or less and none of them suffer any kind of pandemic of disease.

But again, I know none of this means anything to you. I'll get ready for you to put on those blinders, say "nananannanan it's not proven it's not proven! No link no link!"

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