GOP strategist warns Alabama abortion law could energize Dem base in 2020

Some of these are really stupid.

  1. No, the same way we don't take a women in for false imprisonment when she sends her child to their room.
  2. If one parent is a citizen and has lived more than 5 years in the US the child is a citizen.
  3. Fair enough, but what do we do with siamese twins if one commits a murder?
  4. You aren't immediately issued a SS# at birth, but that does not make it OK to take your child home and murder them. Paperwork does not make a human.
  5. Rights are not an all or nothing thing. We allow people more rights as they grow, we as a society decide when those things happen.
  6. We measure age from birth, we can still do that if a fetus is considered alive.
  7. For the same reason we don't convict infants of assault for throwing up on people, and swinging their fists, no.
  8. Once again, we don't need paperwork for life or fetuses.
  9. Sure, lets convict them of cannibalism.
  10. Zygotes are considered alive, gametes are not. That is just what I learned in science class.

I don't have any problem with abortion, but stupid arguments like this aren't the real issue and won't convince anyone. The thing is, biologically life does begin at conception, but there is no consciousness or memory and there is no such thing as a soul. It turns out it's better for society if we allow women to choose to have children or not, so lets just allow it.

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